Our products are designed around the market's needs and have multiple advantages that favorably separate them from the products of our competitors. Our products can be easily browsed on iPhone or Blackberry due to the blackberry development companies who made it possible!

The line of products developed by our company:

1. Education Information Management System

This Software package - networked information management system for International Educations - offers contact and business management capabilities, with an easy user interface that allows you to add, delete, and update information rapidly and securely in areas such as Students, Agents, Homestay, Study Abroad, Medical Insurance, Study Tours, and more.

2. Personal Study Calculator

This web application was designed to help prospective students with questions admission and academic program questions such as:

  • the program they want,
  • entrance requirements to be accepted into the program,
  • how long it takes to complete,
  • how much will it cost, and much more...

3. Study Tour Calculator have developed the STC Web system to help agencies plan study tours and summer camps for your institution. STC provides you with an instant quote based on the program and dates you select.

4. Study Abroad Info Center have developed this tool to help students choose the exchange partner and country that best fits your goals when studying abroad. With tool it takes you minutes to construct your own gift basket that will be a nice surprise to all the neighbours. Also we provide extensions for magento.

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