The advantages of computer games application in educational process

Let's consider why application of computer games has beneficial effect on educational process and kid's motivation. First of all such games help children literally to absorb the material better, while revealing gaps in knowledge and eliminating them and ensure reaching of a certain level of intellectual development.

Besides, children have positive emotional reactions when playing computer games that promotes correction of mental processes. Classes using computer programs and educational games stimulate children's interest and desire to achieve certain goals.

However, we must remember that a child gets into different imaginary situations while playing computer game, but the emotions are real. Not all computer games are able to solve educational problems. Let's take, for example, a game, which main objective is rapid keystrokes - such game contributes to development of sensory and some parameters of attention, but at the same time stimulate the increase of anxiety, the desire to escape from reality into a fantasy world. Therefore it is very important to select the game with appropriate content.

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